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BODIMAX / A3 Performance

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

For a class project, I, as well as three classmates, cooperated with A3 Performance to create a new marketing plan for the brand's compression sleeves - BODIMAX.

​The opportunity for marketing BODIMAX is to redirect the marketing audience in performance level and in sport. We took BODIMAX from being solely marketed to swimmers to expanding across many sports and to all levels of athleticism


The Survey:

In this project, the research subjects were athletes ages 18-65. The sample consisted of athletes from many different sports and activity levels. The measures for success will be attracting new audiences to A3 Performance BODIMAX. During the process and at the end of the project, we analyzed our work and contribution to see what the A3 Performance consumer gets out of our marketing/media plan. We are relying on A3 Performance to provide feedback.

The survey was mainly created and interpreted by my three other classmates.


The Creative Work:

Our deliverables were: 3 pictures and 4 videos.

The videos were filmed, edited and directed by me (Michal) with a very helpful group work consultation.


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