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How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview! Michal's Cafe 2020 Clinic 06

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The sixth clinic of 10 in a professional development series designed for the Women in Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University.

This clinic is a really special one! COVID-19 changed everything including the way that people are being recruited for various jobs.

In this clinic, we have a guest speaker! Julianne Ortiz is an MBA candidate that worked at the SBU Career Center and has a lot of experience with recruiting!

We are going to talk about EVERYTHING!

Jump to the part that interests you the most:

Introduction 00:00:06

Part one: Questions about Preparing for a Job Interview

Q1: Change in the recruitment process 00:02:49

Q2: Benefits of online recruitment 00:04:58

Q3: The two types of interview 00:06:03

Q4: Preparing for a virtual technical interview 00:06:51

Q5: Steps for pre-interview 00:09:07

Q6: Demonstrating Confidence 00:14:00

Q7: Do's and Don'ts 00:19:23

Q8: What to do if you lose connection 00:24:39

Part Two: Mock Interview:

How NOT Answering Questions 00:26:45

Part Three: Q& A From Audience

Q1: Accessories 00:38:35

Q2: What to answer when asked what have I been doing during the pandemic? 00:40:05

Q3: Communicating with international teams 00:43:07

Ending 00:45:09


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