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I UpCycled My College Shirts

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

To those who were never in American sports, please note. We get a lot of shirts. A LOT. In my five years of college swimming, I collected over 40 T-Shirts. My shirts hold deep & meaningful memories from a wonderful part of my life. Freshman year, Senior year, championships, team activities, school gatherings, competitions, training, and so much team pride, unity, and legacy. And that's why I would never get rid of them.

But as time goes by, I wore them less.

I really only wore a couple of shirts that were my favorites. I also got professional athletic apparel. And yes, I'm sorry. As much as I appreciate the sweaty look of the soaked tee at the Gym - I am a grown woman now. Athletic tops look and feel better, especially when I show up to "Barr" Classes at Equinox.

It was a Sunday afternoon and my dresser wasn't closing. I have too many shirts but I only wear 10% of them. I remembered an Instagram Ad I was targeted with. I googled "turn shirts into a blanket" and found Project Repeat (use my referral link for a discount).

It was hard collecting 15 shirts. It was even harder to cut them with scissors. But I knew I didn't want to have them laying in my dresser. I will not use them! But I will use a blanket...

How it works:

  • You pick your size (mine is 4X4).

  • You look up how many sides you need.

  • Each shirt technically has 2 sides, but you might not want both sides.

  • You pick your shirts

  • You cut them with scissors to only include the sides you want.

  • You send your sides by mail with your order number (full instructions here)

  • You wait 4-6 weeks for your awesome one-of-a-kind quilt to come in the mail

I think it is such a fantastic way to find a new use to my shirts that mean so much to me.

If you are interested in getting your own blanket please use my referral link (both you & I get a discount for our next purchase) -

PS- I was on the swimming team at Eastern Michigan University for Swimming 2015-2019 and Stony Brook University 2019-2020.


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