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The Battle is Not Over Until You Win! Michal's Cafe 2020 Clinic 04

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

My comeback story in the sport.

Jump to the part you want to hear:

  • Introduction 00:00:05

  • My take on the battle 00:01:45

  • My father's take on the battle 00:11:29

  • Example: The Story of Joseph Gizachew 00:15:20

  • Life is Full of Suffer: 00:18:24

  • Conclusion 00:20:13


The fourth clinic of 10 in a professional development series designed for the Women in Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University. This time I am analyzing my life motto passed on to me by my father.

Clinic 04: Only you can determine what winning is. A win is a personal matter and not a universal idea. Set goals for yourself that will make you proud, enjoy the process as you work hard to achieve your goal and don’t stop until you are done. When you fail, you must get up and keep on going until you win…



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