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The Red Sea Rhythm Rockers - Marketing Project

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The Red Sea Rhythm Rockers is a musical band based in Santa Barbara, California. The group was formed for the purpose of redefining what constitutes Jewish Music. They felt that Jewish music as a genre hasn't been changed, or challenged while many other music genres have.

They have created a sound that combines deep spirituality and jubilant celebration with rock, gospel, and blues influences to create a unique musical experience.

Marketing Project:

I was approached by Rob, the director of the band (that also writes many of the songs and plays the guitar) with an ask to help with branding.

Below are the marketing actions I helped with:

  1. Developing a marketing kit including the fonts, colors, and logo usage.

  2. Created and designed a website for the band (that didn't exist before)

  3. Changed the Youtube Thumbnail pictures according to the brand kit - to include consistency.

  4. Directed a series of interviews with the band members to create a video series called "Get-To-Know-Us: Interview Series" on the band's youtube channel. The purpose is to introduce the band to fans.

Once all materials are available online the band and I will continue with other marketing efforts including:

  1. Reaching out to different Jewish communities around the country to invite them to listen and enjoy a new idea of Jewish music.

  2. Reaching out to different press outlets telling them about the band and recommending a collaboration.

  3. When COVID ends, trying to schedule tours around Jewish communities.


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