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Entering the #LateTwenties Club

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

This blog post is going to be short and sweet, because there is really no point in frowning and overanalyzing this matter. When I was younger (like, teenage age) I had a certain idea of what I'd like to achieve and when. It was important for me, to finish my undergraduate degree significantly earlier than my peers in Israel. When I got into my masters program, I gladly stated that "I'll have an MBA by the time I'm 25!". And don't get my started on personal milestones. I wanted to be a young mom, like my mom. I wanted to be a young grandma, like my grandma. I wanted to be married and to have a house. I wanted to "find myself" and "get it together" by the time I'm 25.

The definition of being alive equals, I am getting older. So why are people so obsessed with aging? Life is a privilege, and so does aging.

On May 31 I celebrated my 27th birthday. And for the first time ever, I was not stressed at all. I'm ready! Ready for the uncertainty, and for life to continue and get better every year. Society puts pressure on us around birthdays. Especially when you reach your late 20s. It's like, you shouldn't be proud of your age anymore. It's like, saying you're 27 always has to come with a statement of "so old", "I can't believe it", etc.

I've been doing some reflection and realized this. I AM AT MY PRIME.

I have never been on a better path professionally. Was never making more money. Was never been able to invest in myself, in my skin, and in my health, like I do now. I was never able to pick a destination, and go - just because. I get to decide what I want to do with my life in full independence. I'm with a partner I love. I develop my hobbies for no other reason than pleasure. And what else? The embracement I was carrying from my early twenties are fading, and the perspective I've gained helped me realize that these things really didn't matter. The constant need to compare myself to others faded too. Instead I just focus on being happy and define my own term for "success". I used to care so much about being skinny, now I care about being healthy instead.

Wise word of advise from a 27 year old: life gets better if you let it. I always want to be proud of my age.


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