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Turn Spit into Rain - Big Life Lesson from Saba (Grandpa) Itzhak.

My grandpa was born in 1920 and died in 2019. Living to 99 years old, he learned a lot and shared his stories with everyone in the family. One lesson, in particular, carries with me to this day.

I was a proud, vindictive teen. I would not stand being treated wrongfully. I was rarely the "bigger person" and oftentimes chose to be right, over being smart.

My grandpa said - when someone is spitting on you, say - "OH! Is it raining in here?"

The mature version I grew up to be oftentimes chooses smart. I choose not to let people's evil affect me. I choose to look at things from a more broad perspective. And more importantly. I chose not to give people who don't deserve it, my time of day!

Yizhak came to Israel in 1936 from (what now is the territory of) Poland. Little did he know that by making Alyia to Israel, he avoided getting killed in the Holocaust like the rest of his family.

Positivity and strategic communication were things he excelled at. Turning limes to lemonade, and viewing spit as rain. What does it mean? telling someone (in his face) that their act of disrespect (figuratively, when someone spits on you) does not bother him (it must be raining)!

I think about this when I get the chance, and this analogy helps me get through unfortunate situations, as the winner.


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