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Internship with Women in Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University (WISE @ SBU)

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

While working as a PR intern at WISE at Stony Brook University (Women in Science and Engineering) I've created a concept called - 60 WISE Seconds. Every week on Monday, a new video will come up on WISE Social media accounts featuring the women in the WISE program. The videos were made to promote WISE women and promote the program.

What it's like being a woman in professions stereotyped as man populated?

Have you ever been underestimated because you are a woman in STEM?

What do you wish more young women knew about this profession?

What should we do to encourage more women in technology professions?

All these questions now have the stage with a new video uploaded every week showing a different WISE student discussing matters that are close to her heart. Enjoy, get inspired, and then prove yourself in the field!


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