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To change, or not to change your last name after marriage?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

To change, or not to change your last name after marriage. That is the question.

After years of networking, studying, and working, we establish our reputation - and that reputation is linked to our name. That name, is our brand. Why should I give that up?

I have had this conversation with my female peers over the last couple of years and no-one seem to have a clear answer. One said to me- "I told my fiancée that when I get a doctorate I am writing it under my maiden name. He's not a doctor, I am!"

As I sit to write this message, my two diplomas stare at me from my wall - My BS and my MBA that I earned as Michal Liberman. This is who I am.

On the other hand, I'm romantic. Changing my name symbolizes to me that my husband and I became one family. I am now going on a new path with a new identity - as a married woman.

And so, my verdict stands. I have changed my last name legally and am now Michal Greenberg both in the US and in Israel.

Still, I'd like to stay Michal Liberman in the professional space.

What do you think of my solution?

Thank you all for the best wishes to our wedding! We got married on April 10, 2022 in Jaffa Israel and it was a very special event.

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