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Why you SHOULD keep your wedding dress (and why I am not planning on keeping mine)

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

My mom and dad got married in 1994. It was a beautiful 100 person wedding of two immigrants in Beer-Sheva, Israel. Her dress was custom made and designed by her. My mom even picked the fabric from the market and brought it to the dressmaker (who was the mother of her best friend at the time). The dress was perfectly made for her.

My mom kept the dress. Why? Maybe because she loved having it in her closet, or because it reminded her of a meaningful time in her life. Maybe, she was hoping that one of her daughters (or daughter in law) will wear it to their special day. 28 years later, and my mom is getting ready to giveaway her first born daughter (aka me) in marriage. I had a different dress, one that I picked and was made specially for me. I didn't want to wear my mom's dress. Mostly, because it wasn't me. The old dress felt outdates, didn't fit me as well, and wasn't as comfortable. My mom understood, but asked one thing - that I'll wear her dress on my wedding day to take a photo.

It's been almost three decades since this dress had the honor of being a part of someone's special day - and the truth is, it WAS special. My mom was so emotional and burse in tears.

This moment (that lasted about 10 min) was so unique that it made me want to keep my wedding dress too.

Still, I am not going to hold on to my dress. I might regret this, but I don't believe in holding on to stuff. Stuff are not going to make me happy. The thought of holding on to my huge dress (that takes so much room in my closet) is destructing. Is it going to bring me happiness sitting in my closet? Nope.

My future daughter (or daughter in law) is probably not going to want to wear my dress either. Because it's going to be out of style, or simply because she is going to want to pick and create her own dress. I know I disappointed my mom when I didn't wear hers, so why should I set myself up for a disappointment ? My dress is now up for sale at Poshmark and I hope it's going to make another bride feel very special - sometime in the next year. Did you keep your wedding dress? Did it pay off?


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