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Repost: The Five Warning Signs of An Abusive Relationship

This is a PSA, for no particular reason other than spreading a resource for people to understand the red flags in an abusive relationship.

This blog post is in honor of Daria Litel, RIP, a friend of friends who was murdered by her husband / the father of her three daughters on Friday, March 17, 2023. May she rest in peace.

This PSA is a reshare from "Forum of Michal Sela", a nonprofit organization to support and fights domestic abuse and violence toward women.

For People Facing Abuse in Their Relationship:

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to break up with your partner on your own. Announcing to your abusive partner that you want to leave may be life-threatening. Turn to professionals in the field of domestic abuse and violence FIRST for help. It is vital to ascertain that the individual or entity you are turning to is truly an experienced professional.

For People Who Suspect They Might be Abusive To Their Partner

For Friends & Family - Recognize the Warning Signs


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