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Everything my new puppy loves

Aston was born on March 09th, 2022, and we got him on June 25th, 2022. He was bred by Lakeview Douddles at Williamson, NY who are responsible, ethical breeders that have been in the business for 20+ years. Before getting a dog, we had two requirements. We wanted the dog to be small enough to travel by plain (we travel a lot) and hypoallergenic. A mini Goldendoodle was a perfect option for us. Unfortunately, finding a small hypoallergenic dog is nearly impossible via adoption but we knew we want to avoid a puppy mill and other unethical sourcing.

"Buying a puppy" comes with its benefits. Full "insurance" over the dog's size, health, and character traits. Essentially, they engineered a perfect dog.

We fell in love immediately. Bringing a dog into the family is a lot of work, and we definitely felt overwhelmed in the first few weeks. But Aston is a very sweet dog, and he is getting better every week. We love him so much.

Today, I want to recommend some of the things we purchased for the puppy, that are well used and helpful! Starting with the must-haves and following with more flexible options.

The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links. I make a small commission that helps to support me and my blog.

We heard horror stories about puppies chewing their way through crates, and we wanted something sturdy. Crate training took about a week and Aston started sleeping full nights in the crate with the door closed. He loves it. The crate also comes with a pillow that he's obsessed with. However, it does get very hot at night.

This crate from Etsy is so cute and durable, easy to assemble, and is very well made.

Use code - BUYAGAINWLO for 20% (not sponsored)


We realized the pillow the crate comes with is very warm. and Aston wasn't sleeping as well on it. Our trainer recommended a cooling mat and we got this innovative patented mat that keeps cool up to 3 hours, requires no battery and activates automatically.

Aston LOVES it. He is sleeping so much better and tries out different positions too!


A little more expensive than the other Amazon products, but the quality is great. I love Wild One's mission too - they donate to many dog foundations in the US.

Not to mention, the matching sets are so chic!

Use my link to get $20 off your first order -


Aston comes with me to work, on the metro north train. He takes the subway with me, and travels by car to near&far locations.

This bag is great and is approved for flying too!


This type of toy was recommended by many dog training blogs, and I understand why! Puppy loves the play with the squeaky toy that is long enough to bite on, hold with feet, and stand on too.


Aston got neutered and had to wear a cone for two weeks! The cone was so that he won't lick his stitches, and won't tear his stitches off. Well, all he wanted to do was lick the stitches. The cone made him miserable. It discouraged him from playing and moving and made it difficult to complete simple tasks.

This suit was an okay alternative. This is good to wear outside to avoid sand from getting in, and it covers the area. However, he did pee through the suit and if left unsupervised he could still lick the area, with a little extra challange.


This was recommended by my trainer. These mats are great to stick to the wall of your bathroom, fridge, or wall when you need your dog to stay busy with something while you trim their nails, shower them, etc.

For Aston, it doesn't always work - but it is a good option that comes with spatula too!


When we first got Aston he was expressing his curiosity through chewing on various things. Shoes, towels, bottom of our furniture.

This spray was another recommendation by my trainer and it works SO WELL! You do need to stay presistent


If you are a dog owner - you know the Kong products very well. They are classic, so versatile and functional. Dogs love them and they keep them busy for a while. You can fill it up with soft filling or make a paste with their food too.

Aston will only play with it if it's soft filling. His fav is greek yogurt that is frozen!


When we first got Aston, and didn't feel like he can stay in the crate through the whole night, we left

him in the pen. Then, we started putting him in there when he was being too crazy and wild.

One time we got home after leaving him there for a couple of hours, and realized he is walking freely, Apperantly, we are dealing with an escaping master!

Use at your own risk!


Recommended by my trainer. This holds one meal worth of serving. You fill it up,put it under running water, and let it drain. Then you can give it to your dog, or put in the freezer for extra challenge.

It's a great mental exercise.


This product left Aston's hair & Skin very soft and hydrated!


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