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Nomiky Baby Shader

I love supporting small businesses, especially when they invent a new product, extraspecially when that business is owned by a woman. Today I want to tell you about Nomiky, a patent solution invented by Osnat Peleg. Osnat has been making and selling clothes for toddlers in Israel for over a decade, but she is also a mother. Back when she was a mom, she noticed a common problem when taking her daughters out in the baby carrier - the sun hit them directly.

Years later (her daughters are now teenagers), she was finally able to design, patent, and prototype the Nomiky Canopy. A snap-on tool (works with most baby carriers) that protects babies from sun, wind, rain, etc. Part of the feedback Osnat got after creating the prototype is that it's a perfect blocker for breastfeeding moms too!

I think this is such a good gift for a new parent! And it is especially a good gift for parents that like traveling.

You can shop the Nomiky Canopy on their Website

And follow them on Instagram

I even got to participate in the photoshoot this August!

While I am not a mom, and am not a soon-mom-to-be, I respect and support young parents! Try out the Canopy and see it for yourself.


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