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Social Lady Digital Marketing

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Featured in the picture (from the right side of the picture to left):

Tal Navarro (Founder & CEO), Chen (Strategy & Management), Moran (Customer Service & Project Manager), Alexandrea (Head of Content), and Me - Michal (Strategy & Sales).

Photoshoot Location: Ramat Gan Israel

Pictures by: Anat Kazula

Makeup by: Meirav Darzi Meiri

I was recruited by Tal Navarro in January 2021 to work as a content writer, and quickly evolved to become a Content Strategist, managing clients and developing social media strategies.

I also evolved to be the head of sales at the company meeting virtually with businesses from all over the world.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with someone that is so skilled and experienced as Tal, and I especially enjoy the work with the talented women of Social-Lady.

As part of my job, I manage the following clients:

I create executive strategies for clients according to their goals and needs by conducting extensive research on the company’s industry, competition, and target market.

After establishing the strategy I led the graphic plan for the company's branding and finally

executing the strategy by managing the day-to-day social media activity.

This including planning a monthly Gantt, designing graphics, writing the content, as well as engaging with the target audience on the client’s behalf.


I started doing sales in mid-February and realized I am very good at sales. After only one month of training, in May, I made the company nearly $11,000, and in the month of June, I made the company nearly $15,000.

Tal's reputation is the company's biggest asset. She receives numerous leads from people all over the world that need help with social media management. She forwards them to me. I meet with clients virtually and learn about their business, goals, and expectations. I then teach them about social media marketing and tell them about the Social-Lady services.

After meeting with clients, I tailor a custom service plan to each client and collecting the money when closing the deal.

Photoshoot Location: Ramat Gan Israel

Pictures by: Anat Kazula

Makeup by: Meirav Darzi Meiri


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